Reeftox offers a range of services designed to preserve and protect our marine ecosystems.


Leveraging our extensive expertise in marine ecology, our seasoned scientists assess the potential toxicity of your cosmetic formulas on corals. This invaluable service ensures your products are not just skin-friendly but also coral-friendly, contributing to the preservation of our fragile marine ecosystems.


ReefTox12 is our focused eco-toxicological testing service, meticulously evaluating the impact of a cosmetic ingredient on 12 select species of tropical coral. These species have been specifically chosen for their relevance to bathing and snorkeling areas with coral reefs, inhabiting depths of 0 to 40 meters. With ReefTox12, we concentrate on generating critical data that accurately represents the potential hazard your cosmetic ingredient may pose to these significant marine habitats. This streamlined yet robust approach allows for efficient assessments, helping you make informed decisions for environmentally-conscious product development.


For the most thorough and comprehensive insight into your cosmetic ingredient's eco-toxicological footprint, look no further than ReefTox50. This intensive testing service examines the impact of your ingredient on an expansive range of 50 tropical coral species. Just like with ReefTox12, these species are representative of those found in popular bathing and snorkeling areas, spanning depths of 0 to 40 meters. With ReefTox50, you get an exhaustive profile of your product's eco-toxicological impact, covering a broader spectrum of coral species and offering unparalleled depth of information. ReefTox50 stands as our gold standard for companies deeply committed to the preservation of our world's precious coral reefs.