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At the heart of ReefTox is a passionate group of scientists, researchers, and marine conservation enthusiasts, bound by a shared commitment to preserving the world's precious coral species. Our team's diverse expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to the complex challenges we address daily.

Our team has a deep understanding of coral species' unique needs, they guide the cultivation and care of our coral collections, enabling us to maintain an environment as close to natural as possible. This expertise forms the bedrock of our eco-toxicological assessments, ensuring our testing methodologies are grounded in a robust understanding of coral biology.

Complementing this knowledge, a deep understanding of chemical and plant-derived ingredients and their potential interactions with marine life enriches our ability to assess cosmetic products for their safety and environmental impact. Their role is crucial in our mission to ensure the cosmetics industry becomes a responsible and sustainable stakeholder in marine conservation.

Together, our team creates a strong nexus of expertise, allowing ReefTox to deliver accurate, reliable, and industry-leading services. Our dedication to our mission is unwavering and evident in every task we undertake, from the meticulous care of our corals to the thorough testing of each cosmetic ingredient. Welcome to ReefTox, where science and passion merge to safeguard our marine heritage.